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History of development

Founded in 1996 as a distributor and international manufacturers' importer in Ukraine, Euromix company has become a phenomenal project for its time.

We were the pioneers. We have adopted the best practices and technologies from international leaders, a lot we have invented ourselves. From the very beginning Euromix company has been applying business processes which rivals began to implement only many years later: van-selling, MSL, focus coverage, active sales etc.

The results came immediately. By 2008 Euromix had signed long-term contracts with such international manufacturers as Beiersdorf, Colgate,  Henkel, Ferrero, Loreal, SC Johnson, SCA, Schwarzkopf, Rekkit Benckiser, Unilever.

For many years Euromix has been the best representative among distributors in the FMCG sector and has officially been importing goods to a number of partners in Ukraine. It is the highest degree of trust and a new level of company development.  

Our warehouses are modern warehouse complexes within the common space of>0square meters regulated by WMS
0branch offices + service centerto work with key clients
We developed a unique software allowing a sales agent to see goals of each client, keep track of their results on the basis of work with every outlet, dispose statistics and analytics on their handled PC in real time
Vehicle fleet0vehicles
Coverage Map
Euromix operates in 10 regions of Ukraine, and we are constantly developing our network
Днепропетровская область 
ZhitomirZaporozhyeMelitopolUzhgorodLutskVinnitsaTernopolSumyRivnePoltavaOdessaNikolaevLvivStarobelskKropivnickiyKievKhmelnitskKhersonKharkovIvano-Frankivsk regionMariupolKramatorskDniproKrivoy RogSimferopolChernіgіvChernovtsyCherkasy
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Active clien base in the territory covered includes0+outlets
To promote our products we invest over0 mln. hryvnas a year
Sales agents strike over0deals a day and show the best results in Ukraine in coverage, sales increase, the MSL, involving outlets in activations.
Key clients
Ukraine's population in the coverage area equals0%
Expenditures of the population of Ukraine for the purchase of FMCG0billion UAH a month
Number of inhabited localities equals0
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The team of unique professionals and high-end sales managers, number>0persons
We select the best of them and create unsurpassed. We spend more than 0training sessions per yearat our offices for sales teams. In the Euromix no irreplaceable people. This provides the systematization and standardization work
Euromix Career - is a constant movement forward. We always support and welcome the desire to grow 0in our company- this year the launch of new projects, the opening of new regional offices. We are glad to see our team of active, self-motivated employees from all over Ukraine. You can send your CV indicating the desired position and the city. And we will contact you.Send CV
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