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Finish Calgonit

The American brand Finish Calgonit is the international market leader in automatic dishwasher detergents. The brand's mission is to give people perfectly clean dishes every day.

Finish products are available in more than 40 countries. Finish includes various dishwasher detergents that can be divided into two types. Detergents include tablets, gels and powders. The range also includes additives for dishwashers: special descaling salts, rinses, cleaners and fresheners. All Finish products contribute to the most effective dishwashing, easily coping with even the most difficult dirt the first time.

In addition to helping with dishwashing, Finish products also take care of the dishwashers themselves. Some of the products are aimed at removing grease and limescale, which gradually accumulate on the inside. With the brand's products, a clean machine will work much more efficiently. Finish is actively working on its product formulas and innovations to turn the tedious process of washing dishes into a pleasant and easy household task.

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