Trade day 2020!

Publication date: 27 / 07 / 2020

Trade day 2020!

The company "EUROMIX" heartily congratulates partners, clients, employees and all, all, all representatives of this wonderful field on their professional holiday.

Every year, despite the difficulties and challenges, we are only getting stronger. Only thanks to the professionals who surround us, we can achieve our goals and objectives!
And every year, on the last Sunday of July, the Day of Trade, beloved by all our employees (and not only), is celebrated!

We are very glad that this holiday is becoming more and more important for everyone around every year!Only responsible, highly qualified, intelligent specialists who, we are sure, exist all over the planet can engage in successful trade, but the "density" per square meter of such people in our company, and among our partners and clients, is simply off scale!

This is evidenced by the numbers, and our results are evidence of this.
Therefore, it is especially pleasant to congratulate highly professional people on such a good holiday!

May trade, despite periodic difficulties, reach cosmic proportions!

May there always be an overfulfillment of the plan and the profit strives higher and higher!

Happy holiday, dear friends!

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