Happy Birthday, EUROMIX!

Publication date: 15 / 04 / 2020

24 years ... Not every company in our market can boast such a wealth of experience
For 24 years we grew, changed, inspired each other for new achievements!
For 24 years we did not give up, we learned from our mistakes. But never stood still!
And here we are. Two dozen years later. With you. Such as we are.
In such a difficult time for the planet, we want to thank everyone with whom we cooperate shoulder to shoulder:

  • Millions of Consumers!
  • Reliable Partners and Clients - you have always set the pitch for us, striving for which we grew and developed! We are honored to work with you!
  • 1608 employees – all so diverse: analytical and creative, proactive and thoughtful, hardworking and talented, unique and special ... and at the same time ... with common features - the ability to achieve results, complement each other and be a single organism - a team !!!

Special words were addressed by our General Director to all employees of the company:
“... Nobody knows the whole chain of actions and consequences, but if we hold on to each other, help each other, support each other, we will definitely pass all the tests and become stronger!
I want to thank everyone for your efforts at this difficult moment. Now is the time when the contribution of everyone is more important than ever! I would especially like to pay tribute to our employees at the forefront of business, sales agents who take orders by phone and those who are in the fields, our warehouse employees who, in spite of everything, get to work and collect goods, and, of course, our freight, for which we now owe a double favor and responsibility! Thanks a lot!" Stay healthy!
I am sure that we, as a COMPANY, will overcome the challenges and will always know that thanks to our team spirit and support from each other, we have triumphed over difficulties!” © Roman Rudovol
Happy Birthday, Euromix!!!


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