Zaporizhzhya's RU birthday

Publication date: 30 / 09 / 2019

September 28 - our Zaporizhzhya RU turned 18. And here we’ve got such an interesting challenge from the birthday kids: "September 28th we celebrated the birthday of Euromix!!! 18 YEARS! Great age! New opportunities opened up, a new awareness of the company's mission states “With a new level of service to a new standard of living!” For this purpose, the level of account for all our actions is growing! We are not afraid to take responsibility. Moreover, we set an example for others! And since we are a socially responsible company, in honor of the eighteenth birthday, the Zaporizhzhya RU of the Euromix company it was decided to make a gift to their beloved city. The team planted the Euromix alley in the heart of the city - on the island of Khortitsa!" Let's make the world a little better, a little cleaner! Zaporizhzhya RU proposes to support this undertaking and to carry out similar activities in each division”
Challenge accepted!!!


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