8th of March: the Women’s Day

Publication date: 09 / 03 / 2018

Good day, Euromix! Greetings to all the fair half of the company on the Women’s Day!

Despite failures – you stand up

Despite sorrow – you cheer up

Despite the pain – you keep fighting!

Keep dreaming to fly higher reaching new heights.

Congratulations on March 8!

RS Zaporozhye team as always expressed creativity in greeting our ladies. It is so nice to hear these words:

“Despite inconsistencies with this holiday in our country we will always be cheering our fair ladies with presents and greetings even on a workday!!!”

In the Headquarters office girls were met by BATMAN and SUPERMAN. Our directors will not shy away from wearing a cape to make a pleasant surprise.

It was so cool and touching at the same time! We are grateful to our SUPER-men for giving unforgettable emotions!

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