Annual conference ТМ Unilever

Publication date: 16 / 04 / 2018

Good day, EUROMIX!

On April 12th-13th the city of Kharkov hosted annual conference ТМ Unilever in holiday complex “Carnaval” in which top-management of our partner “Unilever Ukraine” Eastern division took place. Our Head of Business Development Yevgeniya Bogdamova, НТО, SV, КАЕ, DTSE of regional subdivisions attended the conference.

The conference was dedicated to summing-up 2017 and work planning in 2018.

According to 2017 progress review Zaporozhye RS team was awarded “best team” in all nominations.


Our colleagues were awarded with diplomas for their individual achievements in 2017:

  1. Elena Lyashko – Zaporozhye RS Supervisor;
  2. Dmitriy Shutov – Dnepr RS Supervisor;
  3. Natalia Avdiyenko – Dnepr RS 1 Head of sales department;
  4. Olga Gumen – Kharkov RS Supervisor;
  5. Valentina Osipova – Dnepr КАЕ PSC;
  6. Natalia Polupan – Poltava RS DTSE;
  7. Vlad Kovalev – Kharkov RS DTSE.
We congratulate you and wish you success this year!!!
Yevgeniya Bogdanova hosted training “Scripts in sales negotiations” by S.Azimov conducted as a part of the conference.
The following issues were tackled:
- 2017 summary;
- AC Nielsen, JA’2017 research;
- 2018 marketing strategy;
In the end all participants received presents and enjoyed the after-party together.



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