Publication date: 20 / 05 / 2018

On May 18th-19th we held our third traditional “Euromix Cup” mini-football championship in Zaporozhye. It was a joyful sportive holiday for players and fans. Everyone noted teams’ high level of training. Despite it being the contest, cooperation, support, and corporate unity dominated the pitch.

The emotions ran high. Suddenly, our winners of the previous championship RS Dnepr 1 Sales got knocked out on the first day of competitions totally changing the power dynamics.

The next game will be really exciting as our players will embark on winning back the title of champions. Other teams will definitely share this goal.

Let the strongest win!

Meanwhile congratulations to our current champions:

1 place – team Kharkov 1

2 place – RS Zaporozhue “Kozaks” teams

3 place – RS Kramatorsk “Joga Bonito” team

Congratulations to the best players in the following nominations:

Best goal-keeper – Anton Chementsev – RS Kharkov store-keeper;

Best player – Yuriy Chernobay – RS Kharkov ТМ Unilever sales rep

Supporters of RS Zaporozhye, RS Kharkov, and RS Poltava were the most active and engaged.

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