EUROMIX company is 21 years old! !

Publication date: 15 / 04 / 2017

In celebration of company’s Birthday, we launched a flash-mob “Euromix is 21 – of age!!!” and passed the baton from Headquarters to regional subdivisions.

Each regional subdivision was celebrating in their own unique style, but they all shared something in common: we held competitions related to company’s history and new branding, competed for branded souvenirs, and of course awarded the most loyal co-workers who’ve been working in the company for over 15 years. And of course no birthday is without a cake!


Partner-Service-Center with Oksana Winnik in charge picked the baton first. The team demonstrated creativity and fresh thinking. WELL DONE!!! PSC hosted an unusual celebration – the first Birthday of the subdivision combined with company’s coming of-age!


Regional subdivisions Dnepr 1 and Dnepr 2

Our Dnipro subdivisions followed up. Just by looking at the photos you it gets clear that everyone had a great time at the party.


The team of Zaporozhye regional subdivision surprised us all with their brilliant video clip.





Starobelsk team had an extraordinary Birthday celebration. They organised a school trip for second graders of Plovinkinskaya secondary school (Starobelsk suburb).

Kids visited our warehouse and office, and learnt our business processes: sales, logistics, accounting functions. As we can see in the photos they even got the foot in the door… You can’t trick the camera. Emotions on their faces say it all. And in the end of excursion the kids were in for some treats…

Our subdivision manager asked a question “Would you like to work in our company in the future” and a cheerful “YES!!! followed”. This is a great example of succession pipeline… Many thanks to our team for combining the holiday with such a great social mission towards our young.


The idea of a flash-mob took a new turn here: kids were invited for an excursion around the company. Who knows, maybe our future colleagues were among them… continuity of generations – how symbolic!





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