CEO Conference, February 2020

Publication date: 19 / 02 / 2020

Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, February 10-15, Directors’ Conference.
Summing up the year 2019 was a special year for our company, it was not like the previous... We worked on internal efficiency while not forgetting about the development of the brand portfolio It was hard: we launched such a number of projects that sometimes we ourselves did not have time to move at a given pace ... But it was also interesting: invaluable experience was gained.We shared successes, analyzed mistakes and made conclusions, summed up the intermediate results for all projects.Without errors, ups and downs proceeding forward is not possible. Despite all the difficulties we enter 2020 with our heads held high. We are confident that this year will be no less ambitious, and our team will make the next leap with new vigor!“... I know that even during this short break, your head was occupied with questions of development, fulfillment of plans, and solving current issues. Let's prove once again, first of all to ourselves, that it is possible to improve and become better from year to year! There are no barriers for such a Team! Good luck to all of us in 2020 and see you next year at a new point in the world!)) ”© Roman Rudovol, general Director of Euromix

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